How Do You Automatically Activate Mobile Hotspot Via Bluetooth Connection On Windows 10 Mobile?


But it does mean under more GPU limited conditions, VBS might only reduce performance by around 5%, which is fairly negligible. Apparently all you need for VBS to be enabled by default is an Intel 11th-gen CPU or newer, AMD Zen 2 CPU or newer, 8GB of RAM or more, 64GB SSD or more, and virtualization enabled in the BIOS. Our test systems met this criteria and yet VBS still wasn’t enabled by default.

  • You can cancel cropping by clicking the cancel button or hitting ESC.
  • I can turn it ON but the settings still show it to be OFF.
  • The commands which are run directly on the device can vary from device to device and can vary from one version of Android to the next as well.

At last, you can use any audio recording software to capture the computer sound on Windows 10. Plug one end into the microphone jack on your PC, and the other end into the headphone jack of the audio adapter. Step 5.When everything goes well, click “File” and choose “Export as…” to save your recorded audio file. Step 4.Once done, click the yellow stop button to stop the recording. If you need, you can click “Edit” to trim, delete, split your audio file. Make sure your microphone is connected to your computer.

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But wait; please know the following things before upgrading. The end of support for Windows 10 only means the updates will be stopped and your computer may become more vulnerable than before, but it doesn’t affect your normal use of the system. However, have ever thought of the question – do you really need Windows 11? For gamers, the answer may be negative, at least for now.

If you want to get this free upgrade when it goes live, you will need to confirm whether your device is ready for the new Windows 11. You can download this app through this linkor just check the list of minimum requirements here. When it comes to hard drive upgrades, we’ll always recommend changing out a mechanical hard drive for a solid state model.

Finally, for this section, if you have played around with Zoom, you may want to reset notepad to the default Zoom. To reset notepad Zoom to default, click View, hover over Zoom, finally, click Restore Default Zoom. Within the Font setup screen, you can change the font used to display texts in notepad. Moreover, you can change the Font style and/or the Font Size. Although notepad is a very basic note-taking tool, some users may also want to get help with changing fonts, font style, and Font size. This section explains how to perform these useful notepad tasks.

Get Help With Notepad In Windows 10: Frequently Asked Questions

The software also comes with the ability to make GIFs, a notable feature that not many other screen-recording options can do. What should you do if you don’t see the Game Bar when pressing Windows+G? It may be that you don’t have the proper software installed on your computer.


They may claim to open Microsoft documents but my experience is that they randomly change things when they don’t have particular features. Makes coexisting in an environment with Microsoft difficult. I bought Office 2011 for Mac for 3 users back in 2011 and have been using it until this year when Mac OS became 64 bit, when I lost the ability to use it on two computers. The cost per year is around the $20 per machine you quote.

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