Easy Ways To Log In As An Administrator In Windows 10


Administrator can install new programs and uninstall programs on your PC. But standard users are only allowed to use the installed programs. Expand the dropdown list and select “Administrator” to switch it to admin account.

  • Please log in with an account with administrative privileges and then try to change the group.
  • This basically gives you access to all of the features of Windows where you can make changes that affect how the operating system runs.
  • When you remove the current admin account, it will not be deleted from your PC, but just switched to the standard group.

Provide it, then click “Next.” How to Factory Reset Windows 7/8 with Disc or Password Want to factory reset Windows 7 or 8 computer to fix computer problems or sell? Here are 4 solutions to factory reset Windows 7/8 with/without disc, even without password. Create bootable CD/DVD or USB drive to reset password for Windows 10.

How To Change File And Folder Permission In Windows 10?

In the next window, click on the radio button of the ‘Administrator’ option. In this article, we have shared the answer to your question of how to change administrator on Windows 10 laptop and PC. Keep reading to know more about it.

Right-click on the account and select the option that says Properties. In the window we will see the users. Please select the user to change, and then click on Properties. How to change the administrator in Windows from Windows Settings. When you’ve completed your management or troubleshooting tasks, you’ll want to disable the Administrator account.

How To Change Administrator On Windows 10?

On the following screen, press Shift + F10 to launch Command Prompt. Alternatively, clickNext. To do this, open Start, msvcp140_dll type “netplwiz”, and click on the Run as administrator . Right-click Administrator from the right side and choose Rename. This is the same way you can rename other accounts. The Power User Menu provides access to Computer Management, the next best way to change the Administrator account name.

How To Change Administrator On Windows 10 Using Computer Management

When finishing burning, you just need to click “OK” and close the interface. Restart your computer for the changes to go into effect. Log back in and go to the same Settings Accounts page.

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